How to initiate / approve payments

How to send a payment to your supplier:

Click on the $ icon to add a payment:


1. Invoice Date - fill out the start date of the candidate. The payment terms would be counted from this day forward. 

2. Bill To - select the billing entity to pay the agency, and fill out the relevant billing details (PO, hiring manager, etc.)

3. Billable Item - add a short description and the payment amount.
**Please fill out a flat fee and do not calculate taxes or Candex fee
|**Taxes and Candex fee will be automatically deducted/added accordingly by Candex.

4. Your supplier will be notified of your payment request, and they will be required to upload a matching invoice to Candex.

How to approve a payment sent to you by your supplier:

Locate the payment on your "Pending" section (top left) and click "Review & Approve".

Designate the Bill To box with the proper billing entity and click Submit.

Once you complete this step, your supplier will be able to upload their invoice.

**if the details of the payment are incorrect, you can edit them before you click Submit.