How to upload your invoice

After you have accepted your client's contract terms, you can begin uploading invoices for that client.  

Click Add Invoice:



Select Add Invoice Now to complete the invoice process yourself, or Invite Colleague to add your finance team to complete the process.

For Entity/Bank Account select an existing account from the drop-down or select “add new” to add a new account to the list.




When adding a new bank account, start by selecting the Country, as this selection may affect the other fields.

*If you are unsure with some of the fields, place your mouse over the question mark icon for a quick explanation.



Once you select Entity/Bank Account, you can proceed to the payment amount.

Candex will request that you include tax and deduction details on your invoice as stated in the box, and will calculate the amounts according to your notes for that invoice.  

IMPORTANT: If your invoice does not match the details specified in the upload box the system will reject your invoice automatically. If this occurs, please amend the invoice accordingly and re-upload the file.