How to initiate payments and upload your invoice

Step 1: Request a payment from the employer:

Go to the relevant requisition and click on the [$] icon:


Select "Add Invoice Now" to complete the process yourself, or "Invite Colleague" to invite your finance team to complete the process for you.

For "Entity/Bank Account" field, select an existing account from the drop-down or select “Add New”.


Only once you select Entity/Bank Account, you can proceed to add the payment amount.
When entering the amount, ensure to fill out a flat fee and do not calculate taxes or Candex fee.

**taxes and Candex fee will be automatically deducted/added accordingly by Candex.

Step 2: Upload your invoice to Candex:

You can upload your invoice (file) only after the employer approved your payment request, or if the employer initiated the billing process.

Locate the payment on your "Pending" section, and click "Add Invoice":


IMPORTANT: If your invoice does not match the details specified in the upload box the system will reject your invoice automatically. If this occurs, please amend the invoice accordingly and re-upload the file.