How do I view the terms agreed with a business partner?

From the Canpay:

From inside the Canpay on which the partner is engaged, open the right panel and select Details, then below engaged Partners click View Contact.

From the Payments page:

You can also see the contract terms agreed from the Pending or Completed payments feed. Just find the payment pertaining to this Canpay on your feed and click on it, then on the right panel click on the title of the payment to View Contract.

From the Briefings page: (Buyer)

On the left select Briefings, and use the search box on the top right to find the Canpay brief for the project you want to see the terms for. Click on the brief and on the right side click on the fee to view the full terms.

Special Terms for Preferred Suppliers: (Buyers)

If you want to find the special arrangement written by someone who manages this spend category, go to the network page from the left side panel and search for the vendor. There is a small contract icon next to the ‘invite’ button for all supplier who has an arrangement note written. Click on this icon to view the full details on the right panel.