How to initiate/accept payments on Candex? (Buyer)

In order to make payments, you must make sure your company has payment entities added onto Candex. You will always need to accept each payment request from your partners.

For Buyers:

Step 1Create a Canpay from the plus on the left of your screen. Title the Canpay, select the division/department/location of the project. 

Step 2Engage a partner by entering their email address, select a spend category and fill out a fee (if required).

Step 3from the appropriate Canpay, click on the paperclip to add a payment, fill out the amount/invoice date and select billing entity, and send to the Seller. 

Seller will need to accept the payment on their end and then they will receive a link to upload their invoice. 

Receiving requests for payment

When a seller initiates the payment, it will appear on your Pending section. Click Accept/Decline, and put in all your company's required information. Candex will issue an invoice for that service.


Please note that you cannot add payments on internal or private channels. You can only make payments via a Canpay.