Who can see your Briefings?

Your briefings are shared with your colleagues and administrators. If you mark a Canpay as confidential, only members involved and your admins can view them.

Administrators from your Company - administrators can view Canpay Briefings based on their privileges tags: Team Admins can view all Canpays and all payments of their team, while other admins will have access to view specific briefings which relate to a spend category, division, department etc.

Colleagues - are the people in your company with whom you share a team. In companies that are not set up to be multi-team, all users in the company will be colleagues and the whole company shares the feed of deals.

  • Colleagues in organizations without Teams - if a company is set up as a single team, then all company users are recognized as colleagues, and all can view the Canpay feed. Only admins and those actually involved can see confidential Canpays.
  • Colleagues in organizations with Multiple Teams - each team member can see the Canpay Briefs from other members of their team. Users cannot access briefings from teams where they are not members, and users who are members of multiple teams can see colleagues aggregated from all their teams. 

No one from outside your company can ever see the briefings from your company.