How does direct messaging work?


Clicking on a name on the left side of your screen will bring you into a real time conversation with that person. Write messages or add posts in the bottom text window inside your conversation.

People automatically appear on your contact list when they send you a message or when you send them a message. You can click on the X that appears next to a name on mouse-over to remove someone from the short list of displayed contacts.


Adding Contacts

You can always search through all your contacts by clicking on "Directs +” and start typing a name in the email field. If they are on Candex their name will appear, if they are not on Candex, you can enter their email address and send them a message to join.

If the user is not yet on Candex, their email address will appear on your list until they register. Any messages that you send to this user will be delivered as a notification to their email even if they have not yet registered.