How do notifications work?

Notifications are an important way to stay on top of things on Candex that require your attention. You can set up your notifications on your preferences page or on the right panel of each chat. 

Global Notification Preferences:


Desktop push notifications: to generate popup notifications each time you are @mentioned. This capability is available in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and the Candex windows app, but it does not work on Microsoft Explorer or Edge.

Mobile push notifications: to generate notifications to users who installed the Candex Apps for mobile (iOS or Android).

Email digest of push notifications: to receive email notifications about new messages, projects and payments received on Candex. They will not be sent for messages that you have read and you can choose how often you would like to receive these emails. 

Customizing notifications for activities

Your notification preference can be customized for each Channel. Just click on the arrow on the right of your screen and then click on the notification icon.