How to add participants to a Canpay collaboration?

Think of a Canpay as a collaboration that you control, connected to a collaboration belonging to the business partner you engage with. Once connected, the parties can exchange payments, files, messages, invoices - pretty much anything with your business partner.


Engage New Business Partner (Buyers)

After creating a Canpay, you will be prompted to Engage New Business Partner.  Enter the business email address and choose the category, then click engage. Once the seller accepts your terms and conditions they will be engaged on the Canpay. 

Engage another business partner to same Canpay (Buyers)

You can engage as many business partners as you want within the same Canpay - simply click Engage New Business Partner again and add someone new from another company.

This will create a new collaboration connected to this additional partner. The partner will not be able to see the other companies engaged on this Canpay.

Add to your group

This feature is designated for colleagues, but you can add anyone to your group to grant them access to view all business partners, payments, messages, files and invoices exchanged in the collaboration. You typically only want to add others from your company as if you accidentally add your business partner to your group, they will not be able to exchange a payment with you.

Add to your business partner group

From the top of the Canpay, you will see a link to add to the company name of your business partner.  If you click on that, you can add anyone with the same email domain of your business partner.