What are Briefings?

Briefings are accessible from the left side of your screen under Canpays, and when you click it, it shows a feed of Canpay briefs that are shared internally with the people on teams with you to keep others informed about what is happening.


Briefings organize the business relationships for colleagues that work together without exposing the information inside the underlying deals. Each Canpay has a briefing and only those on the actual Canpay or administrators can see the actual payment amounts on specific Canpays. On the left side, you can click on the name of a company to see all the Canpays they are involved with, and you refresh the left side to see data in thousands of different ways. 

Which information is shared in a Briefing?

Canpay Briefs contain a short summary about the purpose of the project, its division and department, the people and companies involved and the payment history.

Click on a briefing to view theses details on the right panel.