What are posts (files and topics) and how does flagging work?


Posts are files, topics, or payments (payments are only available in Canpays) added into a discussion. They enable threaded comments and can be easily accessed on the right side of the screen.  

Adding Files and Topics

You can add posts by clicking on the upload icon next to the chat window at the bottom of each discussion. The discussion you are in will be selected by default.

  • Add File   This will add files into your discussion
  • Add Topic  This will add topics into your discussion


Every post on Candex allows for a threaded discussion. The threads appear on the right part of the screen when you click on a post.

Flagging Posts

On the right side, you can view All Posts of Flagged Posts.  These lists are consistent for all participants in a discussion so when you flag something, it flags it for everyone.