What are @mentions and how do they work?

When you are writing a message in a Channel, you can type the @ key in any chat window, and select from the list those you want to notify.

@name: Notifies specific people in a discussion.
@all: Notifies all participants in that discussion.
@online: Notifies all participants who are currently online.

Selecting from this list will produce an @mention directed at certain participants. Usually an @mention would trigger a push notification to desktops and mobile devices, but users do have the ability to customize their notification preference for each Channel.


How does @mentions work on different various Candex chats?

Internal Channels: All users default to @mentions required, which means if you want to get someone's attention, you would need to type @name or @all.

Private Channels: All users default to @mentions for all comments, but it is not uncommon for people adjust their settings to @mentions required, so use @mentions if you want to get someone's attention.

Directs: All users have notifications set to on and this setting cannot be changed, so there is no need to use @mentions.