What can category admins do?

Category admins can do the following:

Visibility of Category Deals

Admins for a category can see all the deals in that category (including confidential), export custom reports, and control all the administration of that category.  

Category Settings

In all categories, the admin gets to decide what to call it, and control whether there are any custom contract terms that partners must agree to in order to get involved with a deal.  If there are custom contract terms, then a user at your company must initiate the request to work on a deal together.

Staffing Related Categories

There is additional functionality available for staffing related categories.  If this category is used to organize perm or temp recruitment, it may be helpful to used these advanced capabilities. To activate this functionality, first select "Use with Candidates".  For perm recruitment, you can require a fee when users engages a business partner, these fees are either a % of salary or a fixed fee. The seller will need to agree to this fee before submitting candidates into the activity. If you add candidate submission guidelines, then the supplier will need to agree to these before submitting each candidate. If you require a fee on each candidate submission, then the supplier will need to enter a fee when they send candidates (good for temp workers).  You can also track start date of workers (for temp also). If you want, you can set up Candex to email either the supplier or the candidate with each submission. This is useful to get their information into an applicant tracking system (ATS).

Management of Partners  

They can manage a list of "preferred" partners which is made available to company users.  This is useful for any type of category to keep organized. You can click on any partner and add information about them.  The arrangement note cannot be seen by the partner, but it will be seen by users at your company when they invite this partner. You can also edit the payment days for a vendor that are not the standard days for the category and you can change this field by country. When you add a vendor to the list, it adds them based on domain, so any user who shares a domain owned by that company would also be an approved partner.  You can also add a note, a contract number (if applicable) and/or a file. These are all optional fields.

Adding others as admins

Category admins can add other admins to their category by just entering their name.

Who should be given category admin rights?

The people in companies who are given category admin privileges are usually procurement professionals and line managers who require a global view of specific category spend (like IT, sales, talent acquisition, etc.)