How do I get my company going?

Invite to Candex
On the left side of your screen, click "invite to Candex" and add anyone you want with their email.  Those with the same email domain will automatically be added to your company's private network. 

Otherwise, you can invite anyone into your activities by email and they can use Candex with you at no cost. 

Complete your settings
Go to your company settings from the dropdown by your company's name on the top left of your screen.  On the left side, go through each item and make sure it is properly completed. On the Setup for your company, make sure you add yourself or the appropriate person as the Company Admin. 

Add Categories
You will want to add categories for the types of things you will be buying or selling, your users select these when they invite business partners. 

Add Payment Entities
After you have designated yourself or someone else as a company admin, this person can add payment entities on Candex.  These are required in order to make payments through Candex. 

Setup Good Internal Activities
To get your company started successfully, we recommend setting up good initial internal activities. Think about the things you get a lot of internal email about...and make those the names of the activities.  Examples include discussions about partners, invoicing, training materials, projects, conferences, etc.They are about anything your people talk about.  

Install our Apps
Encourage everyone to install our mobile apps and desktop apps by sending around the link to our Install our Apps page. On your computer, it stays on in the background and more reliably delivers notifications. If people do not put it on their computers and phones, it is much more difficult to get everyone to change their habit away from email.   


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