What does it mean to integrate activities?

Integrating a Business Partner
When you integrate a business partner, it creates a new discussion where either side can add payments, and both sides control access to exchanged contents.  Integrated activities meet the strictest compliance requirements for all companies because data belongs to both. 

After you create an activity, click Integrate a business partner:

You can add anyone with their email address. When you integrate, the system creates a new discussion, with the name of the partner's company in the top title.


Integrating With Many Partners
If you integrate with a second partner on the same activity (and a third, etc), it creates a new discussion each time.  The name of each partner appears along the left side in separate private discussions that you can jump between by name. Of course, partners cannot see each other or the contents of each others discussions. You integrate to others for deals, possible deals, and distributions where a reliable and confidential exchange zone is needed. 

Adding Payments
You can add payments into any integrated activity.  At the bottom from the paperclip, click add payment and choose if you need to be invoiced or you need to be paid. 

Sending Bulletins
The bulletin feature is great when you have many linked partners.  It puts a topic or a file in each conversation separately.  This is great for announcements, deal docs, or group notifications where both sides need a reliable, compliant system of communication that can be used with each other. 

Companies with Categories
Companies that add categories in their settings can require users to select a category when integrating to a business partner.  Then they can create briefings which organize whats going on with business partners.


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