What are Activities?

3 Types of Activities
On the left side of your page, you can create a new activity by clicking on the plus sign next to the title activity.  Activities are for collaboration, sharing files, and making payments to business partners. 

Private Activities
These are great for confidential matters, groups, or projects and can include anyone from inside or outside your company. It is just a group chat for communicating and sharing files where the company where the company creating the private activity always remains in control of its participants. Notifications can be customized but by default are produced for all messages.

Integrated Activities
When you "Integrate a business partner", it creates a shared environment between two companies used for payments and organizing business relationships.  These are great for deals, distributions and rfp's.  With an integrated activity, both parties can control participants to the same discussion.  Notifications can be customized but by default are produced for all messages.  more detail

Internal Activities
These are great for ongoing topics, projects and other internal matters.  Anyone on your team can create or discover a team activity, anyone inside your company can be invited. Because information exchanged is private to your company, external users can only be added by your company admins. Notifications can be customized but always default to @mentions only.  more detail


When you are in an activity, on the right side of the screen, you can access all the files transferred (all posts, view/edit activity, view flagged posts (important), view participants, and change how you want to be notified. 

Direct Messaging
You can also exchange messages and files directly with other user from inside or outside your company. Usually direct messaging is with one other party but you can also add up to 10 people in simple group chats.  In these simple groups, all parties control the information and any new parties added will be unable to see the history of the chat.


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