Explain internal activities in detail?

Teams on Candex
Before understanding internal activities, it is first necessary to understand how teams work on Candex.  In most companies, a team includes all users on Candex who share your email domain. In large companies, you can segment into private teams within your company.    

Internal Activities
Internal activities are discussions that limited to people in your company, and discoverable by people on your team.  They get everyone talking around the same subjects - great for ongoing topics, projects, or internal matters. Only company admins can add users from outside your company to specific internal activities if required. They handle any size groups and engage people around a shared set goals and make your business feel real time. 

Discovering & Creating Internal Activities
You can click on the title "activities" on the left side to discover or create new internal activities (create from the button on top right).

Invite others to the activity
Click on invite others and select those from your team that you would like to involve. 


Closing and Reopening Internal Activities
Any participant can close or reopen an internal activity.  You can click closed from the menu on top right of page to see the archive of closed activities.  These can be reopened at any time. Only company admins can fully delete.

If you remain on it, the activity will still show up in your search results even if it is closed. 


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    Ray A. George

    I was on the webinar earlier today, but how do I see my list of channels?

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