Explain private activities in detail?

Private Activities
These are completely private collaborations, great for confidential matters, groups, or projects involving anyone from inside or outside your company.

1) Create a Private Activity
Click on the Activity + on the left side of your screen to create a new activity. Fill in title and an optional description that will be shared with all participants. 

Click restrict if you want complete control over participants.

2) Invite Others

Invite others to your group creates a private collaboration for a group to securely exchange messages and files. Anyone from inside or outside your company can be added with just their email address and those removed lose access to the data.  Also important, external users in your group can never invite other participants.

Integrate a business partner creates a new discussion where payments can be added and each party can control participants. This is great for deals, rfp’s, and distributions. You can Integrate multiple partners and each collaboration is separate. learn about integrating

3) Start Chatting and Sharing Files

Once you create an activity and invite people, just start typing.  You can drag files in from your desktop, share links or topics.  By default, everyone will be notified for each message, but each user controls their notifications. All actions are available from the dropdown at top.

Activities are very flexible so a great way to understand them is through examples.

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