What is Candex for recruitment?

Candex offers some additional functionality for companies that use it for recruitment. These features are available for buyers of permanent or temporary recruitment services and are automatically activated when a Buyer uses Candex with a seller in one of these categories. 

1)  Global Contracts Companies can create default contracts (varied by country) that vendors must agree to before they can submit candidates to a position. When inviting a vendor, users can choose certain fee information payable on success 

3)  Hiring Statuses on CV files  All files that are posted to an activity by a recruitment vendor can be marked as under review, phone interview, in person, offer extended, etc.

4)  Blocking of duplicates  If a user engages with multiple vendors on the same assignment, duplicate candidates will be automatically blocked.

5)  Push candidates into an ATS system  Candex can be configured to send an email to each candidate sent to a role that requires them to self submit into your career site. 

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