Can you explain personal settings?

You can access your personal settings by clicking on your company logo on the top left side of the screen and selecting profile or preferences.

Personal Profile


It is important to make sure your personal information is accurate as it is the basis for your Candex identity and it is what your co-workers and business partners will see when they look at your profile.

Searchable Expertise:  The searchable expertise will appear prominently under your name and anything written in this field is indexed and easily searchable. It is especially important for vendors that are exposing their services to their clients.

Bio: The Bio lets you write more about yourself. 

If someone who is in your own company looks at your profile, they can see all the people on your network.  If someone outside your company looks at your profile, they will only see the people in your network from their own company. 

Personal Preferences

You can adjust your personal preferences including your preferred date format,  and how you would like to be notified. We highly recommend downloading the mobile and desktop apps for the best notification experience. 

Learn about notifications


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