How to manage participants in private activities?

Restricting Private Activities
When creating an activity, checking “Restrict” means that only leads can add other participants. If it is unchecked, anyone that you invite to your group from your company can add other participants. Please note that users from other companies can never add new participants to your company's activities.

Adding Others

Anyone from your company invited to your group can add others to this activity, while people from outside your company invited to your group cannot invite anyone. Click "Invite others to your group" and select a user from Candex or enter any email address. (this user can join Candex at no cost.) Click "Integrate a business partner" if your partner needs joint control.  

Removing People

You can remove others from a private activity if you are a lead.  Mouseover the name of a user in "your group" and click the dropdown on the right side of the screen, choose remove, they will immediately lose access.  You can delete an integrated partner by clicking the X next to their name but they will continue to have access to the historical contents. 


Making others leads
Only people from your own company can be made leads on an activity. Leads can always close or delete an activity, add/remove participants or edit the briefing.  You can make someone a lead by clicking on their name on the left hand navigation panel and selecting "make lead". Leads always appear with a star next to their name.


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