Closing, deleting or leaving an activity?

Closing, Deleting and Leaving
Closing/deleting or leaving an activity is done from the dropdown which appears in the middle of your screen when you click into a discussion. 


Internal Activity- Anyone on a team activity can close it (or reopen it).  This moves it to your closed list which is accessed from the menu on the top right of your screen.  You cannot have a conversation on a closed team activity but you can reopen it at any time.  

Private Activity- Only leads can close a private activity.  This moves the activity to the closed list for all the participants in your group.  It is still possible to converse in a closed activity, and all contents continue to be searchable.  If you have integrated partners, they will be informed when you close your activity.


Internal Activity- You can leave a team activity at any time and it will disappear from your interface. You can always re-discover it if it is a team channel. 

Private Activity-  If you leave an activity (or are removed), you will lose access to its contents and the activity will be removed from your interface. You cannot leave if you are the only lead.  

Deleting is permanent and cannot be easily recovered. If there is content that you may wish to access in the future, it is better to close it. 

Internal Activity- These can only be deleted by admins. 

Private Activity- Only leads can delete an activity which removes all access to the content for all members of their group. Deleting an activity does not remove contents from integrated partners.


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