How do you search briefings?

When you go to your briefings page, briefings from your colleagues are presented in a stream with the most recent at the top. Candex gives you very powerful filtering capability in two dimensions to narrow this stream. You can also do keyword searches from the search box on the top right of your screen.

Choose Data Set
At the top of the stream you can choose from our default filters or add your own custom filters. This makes it easy to see briefings that are pinned, open, closed, etc. You can click add filters to narrow your data set in a custom way.

Using the left navigation filter
By clicking on the dropdown at the top of your left side panel, you can choose to see your selected data set by colleague, vendor, client, geography, team (plus division, department, purchasing or category). If you click on an element on the left side navigation, it will narrow your briefing stream accordingly. 


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