How does invoicing work on Candex?

When both parties agree to work together, the terms stipulate how payments will work, which can vary from country to country. The payment process begins when both the buyer and seller of the service agree to an awarded payment on Candex.

If Candex is managing the payment, Candex will invoice the Buyer for the full amount of the transaction and the Seller is required to invoice Candex for their agreed portion of the transaction. Candex will pay the Seller within 3 business days of being paid by the Buyer.

If Candex is used in a country where it does not yet support payments, then Seller must invoice the Buyer directly and Candex will not be involved in the financial transaction.   .

Countries Candex can process payments in:

The list of countries where Candex can process transactions is available at  In both cases, you will receive payment/invoice instructions immediately following an awarded transaction.