What are company settings?



Your company's profile includes name, website and a short description. This information is controlled by the company admin. Open the panel on the right side with the arrow, and you will see Settings, Admins and Domains.

Settings, Admins and Domains
Under settings, you can:
                  * Require your company users to require a stronger password
                  * Choose if you company is a single team or many teams
                  * Allow any users to create a team vs controlled by the company admin|
                  * Turn on categories
                  * Choose to categorize payments by divisions and departments
                  * Control the list of company admins (only admin can add other admins)
If your company has different domains that should be within the same company network on Candex, let us know and we will add more domains for your company.



When you add a new team in the settings, your company will cease to operate as a single team, rather you are choosing to build isolated teams in your company.  This makes sense when you want to segregate certain information among smaller groups like departments. All users not on a team will still be able to use Candex uninterrupted. This multi team capability is usually used with companies over 300 employees and employees can be on multiple teams.  Only admins or owners of a team can add users to that team.

In the settings, team admins can change the name of the team, and under users they can manage the list of members.


Companies can build a list of spend categories available to users in the organization to choose when engaging business partners. Categories are basically how you would like to keep track of your payments ...e.g. for the things your company is buying and selling. Categories can be configured on the right side, including Settings, reports, admins, preferred and blocked vendors, and custom payments fields. Learn more about categories.


Companies can build a list of billing entities available for the users to choose from when exchanging payments with business partners. If there are no entities, your users will not be able to make payments.

Divisions and Departments

These are used by companies to organize their Canpays and payments.  Departments are usually things like Human Resources or Marketing, where divisions are usually organized by product line.