Examples of private activities

Private Activities on Candex are very flexibility. Here are some examples showing how you might use them. 


The Simple Collaboration
Example 1: You are working on a project with 8 others to launch a new widget and you want to "control" access to the information about the project. Invite all 8 people to your group. 

Example 2: You want to create a "large group" with 40 people from inside and outside your company about best practices in HR benefits for the UK. You invite all 40 people to your group. 

Example 3: You want to keep files related to something completely private.  Create an activity, put a bunch of files in it, dont invite anyone else.

In all cases, there is no need to link anyone and you will have one group collaboration. As the activity lead, you can remove people from the activity at any time and they will lose access to all its contents.

Commerce between companies
Example 1: You are doing a project with your accounting firm for the 2015 tax audit in France.  Create an activity and invite the people from your company to your group, then integrate a business partner (the accountant) to create a discussion where both sides can add participants. 

Example 2: Now let’s say you have "an advisor" helping on this previous deal, your attorney, but do not want them to see the full history of correspondence. You can integrate to them and it will create a new conversation between your attorney and your group. 

Example 3: You are doing an "RFP" with 3 potential partners. Create an activity and invite the people involved from your company to your group, then integrate to each RFP partner. Each partner now can include the necessary participants on their side.  In this example you will have four conversations: one with your core group privately and one between your core group and each partner.

The distribution
Let's say you have a "large group" of vendors that you need to keep updated about corporate policy changes but you do not want them to know about each other. You would integrate to each and when you post a topic or file, send it as a distribution. The post goes into each discussion separately which is great to manage discrete lists like warm sales prospects, investors, newsletters, distributors, vendor lists, etc.

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