What is a briefing?

Briefings show in the middle of your screen when you click on the tab Relationships. A briefing is a summary of a private activity that is shared internally with the people on teams with you.  When aggregated, briefings organize the business relationships for colleagues that work together without exposing the information inside the underlying activities. There is a briefing for every activity in your organization that carries a payment...to get the best use out of them, be sure to set up spend and revenue categories properly.

What information is shared in a briefing?
Briefings contain a short summary about the purpose of an activity, its division and department, the people and companies involved, and the payment history.

Who can see your briefings?
Briefings can only be seen by colleagues at your company who share a team with you...except that team members do not see the payments, nor can they see briefings marked as confidential unless they are actually involved with the activity.  Team admins can see all the briefing of their team and all the payments.  Other admins can see the briefings and payment information by category, department, and division. 

Under no circumstance can anyone outside your company ever see your briefings. Companies can also grant permission to executives and support functions to see relevant briefings.

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