What is a team on Candex?


Teams can be set up by companies in two ways depending on the size of company and the use preference of your company. In most cases, the entire company is a single team, but larger companies can opt for multi team environments.This is done from the company settings.


When you start?

Your "team" includes all users on Candex from your company as verified by email address.  Internal Channels can be searched and discovered by anyone from your company. You can easily add multiple domains to be included in your company's Candex deployment by emailing support@candex.com.


Dividing your company into separate teams

When you add a new team in the settings, your company will cease to operate as a single team but rather you are choosing to build isolated teams in your company.  This makes sense when you want to segregate certain information amongst smaller groups like departments. All users not on a team will still be able to use Candex uninterrupted and without being able to see the information shared within specific teams.




This multi team capability is usually used with companies over 300 employees and employees can be on multiple teams.  Only admins or owners of a team can add users to that team.