What are Categories?


Categories are the types of Canpays you want to keep track of for your company. The categories that you add can be anything, the system is very flexible.  They can be the things your company buys or sells - and your users will choose from this list whenever they integrate business partners into the Canpays they add on Candex. Companies often import their own 3 level NCC codes and match it with their organizational structure.  


Buy side Human Capital Categories

We have pre-stocked Candex with some common buy side categories for human capital related deals.  This makes it easy to set up a company to manage general staffing related expenses. We anticipate that pretty much everyone will edit these Categories to suit their particular needs, and if your company is not interested in managing these standard contracts, it is best to build your own list from scratch.  

Freelancer Categories

For companies that use Candex to manage freelancers, you can create categories for the types of freelancers you require.  For event management, common categories are photography, catering, musicians, and florists. For technology companies, they might be designers, front end developers, database, security, technical writes or for media companies, could be journalists, advertisers, and agencies.

Other Categories

Sellers can create categories in line with the areas of revenue that they need to keep track of. Buyers can create categories for clinical trials, logistics, marketing, IT spend, construction, or pretty much anything.

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