How do I make payments?

In order to make payments, you must make sure your company has payment entities added onto Candex. You will always need to accept each payment request from your sellers. Usually, the activities are created before it is time to pay, but below is an example of the process from a-z.

Step 1
Create a private activity from the plus on the left of your screen.

Step 2

Integrate the business partner involved...choose the category (if you have them) and enter the email address of you business partner (you may choose from a list of others who you or others on your team have worked with). If your company requires, you may also need to add a briefing to explain to internal stakeholders what this payment is for.


Step 3
If the seller doesnt know where to do it, you can go to the appropriate collaboration, click on the paperclip, select add a payment, and choose I need to be invoiced.  This will prompt them to the right place to enter the information for their payment. 

Receiving requests for payment

when a seller asks you for payment, you will receive a notification and it will bring you into the appropriate collaboration.  When you accept, put in all your company's required information and once you accept, Candex will issue an invoice for that service.

Please note that you cannot make payments to people in your own organization or in activities where you have added external users into a simple group instead of integrating with them.

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