How to initiate/accept payments on Candex? (Seller)

Payments can be made via Canpays to other businesses or to individuals.

Initiating a request for payment

Add a payment into Canpay chat from the $ icon the chat line on the bottom. Select "Request Money" and enter the details of the payment: flat amount due (do not deduct Candex fee),  invoice date, a short description and any required backup files, and send to the Buyer. 


Accepting a requests for payment

When a buyer initiates the payment, it will appear on your Pending section. Click Accept/Decline, and put in all your company's required information. Candex will issue an invoice for that service.


The Process - once both parties approve the payment request, you will get detailed invoicing instructions and a link to submit your invoice. Candex will then invoice the buyer on the seller's behalf, while the Seller will invoice Candex.

Payment would be made by the Buyer according to the payment terms of the project. The payment days and Candex fee are visible behind the "I agree to these payment terms."