How do I get paid?

Payments can be made in direct collaborations with people outside your company or in activities that have been integrated between organizations. Payments can be made in certain circumstances on particular files or candidates. This example assumes an activity where payments will be exchanged has already been created. 


Step 1
Add a payment into chat and select if you need to be paid or invoiced. 


Step 2
You click I need to be paid and enter the details of the payment.  The payment days and Candex fee are visible behind the "I agree to these payment terms".  Add the invoice date, the amount due (excluding taxes or Candex fee), a description and backup files for the work done such as timesheets or project details. 


The Process
Once the buyer accepts your payment request, Candex will invoice the buyer on your behalf and transfer funds to your account.  You will get full instructions after the payment is accepted on how to invoice Candex.




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